Digital Media Measurement

Emotions Drive Decisions and Behavior: We Act, Then Think

digital media measurement

Digital is Essential to Integrated Campaigns

Digital advertising works to reinforce the most consistent and enduring elements of a brand’s cues—including emotional brand associations. This lays the foundations for an emotional brand response, which in turn feeds into long-term mental availability and brand preference.

Introducing Digital Media Measurement

Our digital campaign evaluation approach enables you to better understand how content, channels and brand interact to deliver effective communication.

Understanding Content

Identify at a creative level how each piece of content is contributing to the campaign overall. Compare and contrast formats such as video, static ads, rich media, search, native and other formats.

Understanding Channels

Identify which channels and sites are contributing to success and which are not.

Understanding Brand

Go beyond evaluating impact on behavior to look at impact on emotion and on the brand itself. How is the digital campaign and all of the assets impacting how consumers holistically interact with the brand?


  • Break-thru the clutter to boost your brand’s mental availability
  • Build presence by getting consumers to think of you more often, in more situations
  • Drive salience to build a foundation for emotional connection
We partner with a global leader research provider that enables access to a robust panel and executes the tagging of digital assets.