Cultural Framing

Why understanding culture is crucial to business success

Cultural Framing

An approach to contextualizing humans’ deep emotional needs in the cultural dynamics that affect behaviors, attitudes, and decisions.

Based on 5 key beliefs:

1) Culture is about "meaning making". It's about the deeper significance of the things around us.
2) Culture is created socially rather than in isolation.
3) Culture influences us as people, as consumers. And we influence culture.
4) If we don't look for culture, we are at risk.
5) If we do look for culture, we can make deep connections.

Companies and economies incur significant costs as a result of misguided marketing messages and failed efforts at innovation.

Many of these failures and the tangible and intangible economic impact can be traced to an insufficient understanding of consumers and the cultural context in which they operate.

Our 4-step process uncovers insights with cultural dynamics that affect consumer behaviors, attitudes, and the purchase decisions they make.

Our process is modular and scalable, based on a firm understanding of consumers’ emotional need states, cultural forces at play, and an existing knowledge of category and sector dynamics.

“In 2017, State Street Global Advisors installed Fearless Girl in honor of International Women’s Day to emphasize the importance of women in leadership. Business Week estimates that the incredible response to the statue earned the firm $7.4 million in marketing and media exposure, and the firm earned an estimated 70% of the financial services media the day after the statue was erected.”

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