Connection Compass

Connection Compass

Competition in the charity sector is at an all-time high and charities are spending more and more money to acquire new donors. The emergence of new ways of giving, including crowdsourcing and go-fund-me campaigns are changing the landscape. Connection Compass benchmarks your charity across all aspects of the acquisition journey and provides access to deeply profiled donors. This is a new way of thinking about acquisition. Understand what makes your donors tick, evaluate your messaging, optimize your positioning and connect with donors in a way which resonates.

How the Compass is disrupting the status quo

1. Donating is about emotional connections with individuals. Connection Compass is a tool that allows charities to better understand how they are perceived as helping people connect and make a difference.
2. The Connection Compass reveals that a charity’s ability to align with a person’s existing values is the most important driver of engagement. This finding stands in contrast to a "cause education" strategy.

What does this mean for you?

With the Connection Compass, we will provide you with direction on how to connect with prospective donors to give you a leading advantage. Measuring the standard KPI using the standard “pyramid” for your brand like familiarity and interest are not enough. We include values and connection as core KPIs for ongoing measurement and benchmarking.

What is included in the Connection Compass?

We had 3 goals in developing the Connection Compass:

1. See how you rate on the variables that are most predictive of giving—focusing on emotional connection.

2. Understand how people’s perceptions of what a charity does—their impact—shapes that sense of connectedness.

3. The Connection Compass’ attributes are concise, reliable and ruthlessly efficient.

- Fieldwork: The Connection Compass goes out to a sample of 5,000 North American donors each quarter for a total of 20,000 per year.

- Deliverables: Custom PPT report geared to your charity. We include up to 5 competitor benchmarks you can choose. Presentations and workshops are also available.

How you'll benefit

  • Connect with donors on what matters most
  • Increase donating by reinforcing donors’ values
  • Craft mental pictures that help donors envision a person they are aiding
  • Uncover tangible information that helps people feel they are making a difference
  • Obtain a greater ROI on your marketing
  • Tap into how your current donors feel            (optional add on)
  • Benchmark and track how your charity is viewed compared to your competitors
We developed Connection Compass to enable charities to grow their donor base and obtain a greater ROI on their marketing campaigns.

The Connection Compass focuses on what already exists. In other words, empower people to donate because doing so allows them to be more like themselves. “Values” are what determines if the Compass is pointing north.