Technology Marketing Strategist Steven Spencer-Steigner Joins Maru/Matchbox’s Technology Consulting Team

February 14, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – (February. 13, 2018) – Maru/Matchbox, a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm, is pleased to announce that Steven Spencer-Steigner, a veteran strategist and qualitative specialist, is joining the Technology Consulting team in San Francisco as Vice President of Qualitative Insights. This is the latest investment in strengthening sector expertise through the acquisition of senior talent.

“Steven brings a great deal of technology expertise, along with deep experience in strategy and qualitative insights skills,” says David Gardner, Managing Director of Maru/Matchbox’s Technology team. “Steven’s technology expertise spans two decades, and he has worked with some of the most exciting and innovative firms in the industry, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Cisco, HP, and Citrix.”

Steven brings a wide range of global cross-industry expertise, with a special focus on B2B, OEM, and consumer spaces. He has experience leading strategic initiatives focused on product development, concept feasibility and evaluation, brand strategy, and communications, advertising, and creative evaluation. Steven has led initiatives across North and South America, Europe, and across Asia.

Prior to joining Maru/Matchbox, Steven worked at Greenberg Strategy and Universal McCann, among others. Steven will operate as a senior member of Maru/Matchbox’s Qualitative Center of Excellence, where he joins newly-appointed Financial Services expert Tricia Juhn. “The technology sector innovates at a dazzling rate,” says Gardner. “We are excited to have Steven apply his natural curiosity and deep expertise in helping our clients explore emerging uncharted territories.”

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