Maru/Matchbox Launch System 1 and System 2 Consumer Technology Panel to Help Brands Better Connect with Technology-engaged Consumers

August 27, 2020

Toronto, August 27, 2020; Maru/Matchbox, the global technology-enabled advisory insight provider, has today announced the launch of the Technology Advisory Council consumer panel, a dedicated Maru/HUB Panel Community with an integrated System 1 and System 2 research toolkit designed to help brands and businesses connect with tech-savvy consumers.

Ged Parton, CEO of Maru Group, comments, “The speed of change in the technology sector means brands are always looking for innovation and ideas that connect with consumers. Brands need flexible, agile but robust ways of capturing feedback from the right audiences and in the right way.

“It’s why we developed Maru/Matchbox’s Technology Advisory Council to bring together a highly profiled, tech-savvy audience and expert analysts in a ground-breaking research platform ideal for exploring new ideas, unearthing emerging trends and helping to shape concepts and new products in a secure, unbiased environment”.

Maru/Matchbox’s Technology Advisory Council is managed by the organization’s dedicated technology advisory analyst team. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the technology sector, the team design, execute and analyze integrated System 1 and System 2 research studies into how consumers Feel, Behave and Think towards new trends, concepts and innovation. Resulting insights are providing a more holistic user understanding on key topics, such as home working, video streaming or distance learning, helping brands to better understand how to influence consumer decision-making.

Andrew Hawn, Managing Director of Technology research at Maru/Matchbox, explains, “We’re already using the Technology Advisory Council to help clients unearth leading-edge technology trends and emerging human behaviors as the COVID crisis evolves.” Our dedicated technology team have taken a deep dive into the shifting behaviors and emotions behind the move to working from home and the impact of distance learning on students and are currently exploring how essential digital services are growing as people stay home.

“But, more importantly, we’re seeing an overwhelming response from our 1,500 Technology Advisory Council members; our studies so far have averaged a +55% response rate, something unheard of in many consumer panels. It’s proof that this audience is eager to explore new ideas, challenge innovations, and explore new technologies coming from technology, media and lifestyle brands”.

Find out more about the Technology Advisory Council, or register your interest in becoming a member, at


Liana Vickery

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