Maru/Matchbox Launch Instant Qualitative Platform Bringing Expert Moderation, Digital Methodologies and Cutting-edge AI Analysis Tools into One Integrated Solution

September 10, 2020

Toronto, CA and London, UK, September 10 2020; Maru/Matchbox, the global technology-enabled advisory insights provider, has today announced the launch of an Instant Qualitative Environment, bringing together digital qualitative methodologies, expert moderation and AI-powered analysis tools. Researchers and marketers can, for the first time, create qualitative projects in a matter of minutes with the direct support and guidance from world-leading qualitative experts.

Ged Parton, CEO at Maru Group, explains, “Qualitative research has really come to the forefront in recent months as businesses look to pivot operations yet still gain the same depth and quality of insights. Looking at the marketplace, we found existing qualitative platforms often focus solely on digital methodologies with limited analysis functionality and moderation left to expensive third-parties or the expertise of in-house teams.

“It’s why we created the Maru/HUB Instant Qualitative Environment. Clients can very quickly and easily create a secure digital environment to run any number of qualitative activities, all with the support from our Qualitative Center of Excellence specialists. And because the platform has been developed directly as part of Maru/HUB, it benefits from the ecosystem’s fantastic security and sheer scale meaning clients have a wide-range of recruitment options, including CX trackers, branded Panel Communities or our own profiled, quality respondents from Maru/Blue”.

Managed by Maru’s international Qualitative Centre of Excellence team, the Instant Qualitative Environment is designed to elicit a more holistic understanding from respondents. The tool supports a range of integrated System 1 approaches and projective techniques to help researchers uncover insights that drive decisive action.

Tommy Stinson, Managing Director, Qualitative Center of Excellence at Maru/Matchbox, comments, “We know that to deliver meaningful results, qualitative research needs a platform that allows us to uncover more about how respondents Feel, Behave and Think. Capturing a holistic understanding of people and their conscious and unconscious motivations empowers insights professionals to uncover new insights and tell transformative stories that empower informed, confident decisions for our clients.

“It’s why the Instant Qualitative Environment tool directly integrates with Maru/HUB’s System 1 approaches. Respondents can create image collages from our pre-coded library supported by our visual semiotics database, or we can ask participants to share actual behaviors through our media upload options. When combined with the team’s creative questioning and projective approaches, the Instant Qualitative Environment allows us to really get under the skin of respondents and discover something new”.

Developed as part of Maru/HUB, Maru’s technology ecosystem, the Instant Qualitative Environment platform integrates directly with all Maru technology, including Maru’s cutting-edge, AI-powered Topic Modelling text analysis tool. Designed to analyse text at speed, Maru/HUB’s Topic Modelling tool uncovers trends and patterns within data without the need for human intervention or interpretation.

Maru’s Instant Qualitative Environment is the latest in Maru’s continuing development and expansion of Maru/HUB and is Maru’s seventh major product launch this year.


Michael Cusden

About Maru/Matchbox

Maru/Matchbox began disrupting the market research industry in 2000. We’re a different breed of global insight partner, built on proprietary technology that enables our experts to connect with the people that matter most to our clients. Our people bring deep sector-focused knowledge to client projects, so they can build and maintain a competitive advantage. We have agile tech platforms to connect with customers, provide on-demand insight and combine quality research and analytics data sources.

About Maru/HUB

Maru/HUB is an instant access platform that gives you meaningful insights to fuel confident business decisions. Maru/HUB is a fully scalable technology platform. It can be used for projects of any size, from small, ad hoc projects to enterprise-wide programs. It is powered by AI with first-class ingestion capabilities.

Unlike other insights providers with bolt-on technologies, our team of experts has been building and developing our secure proprietary platform infrastructure for the last 15 years. The technology platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and adheres to the highest level of data security and compliance.