Maru/Matchbox Launch Creative Insights Solution (powered by add+impact®)

March 25, 2019

TORONTO – March 25, 2019: Maru/Matchbox, a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm, is pleased to announce the launch of their Creative Insights solution (powered by add+impact®).

Creative Insights measures people’s implicit and explicit responses to advertising, giving you a complete picture of how your ad is working. It is designed to evaluate any type of ad or brand communication, across all channels. With best in class benchmarks, our solution can identify which ads will work and which need more help.

“Companies spend tons of money on advertising, but only one-third of ads work,” said Maru/Matchbox Chief Innovation & Solutions Officer, Todd Trautz. “Making effective ads is about winning consumer’s hearts and minds, and the creative accounts for three-quarters of the impact,” he added.

“Getting the right creative, with the right message in the right place is a real challenge,” said Maru Group CEO Ged Parton. The launch of Creative Insights is a key step in delivery against the Maru/Matchbox strategy of providing solutions that help our clients excel,” he added.

For more information, contact a Maru/Matchbox representative today.

About Maru/Matchbox

Maru/Matchbox has been pushing the boundaries of the customer market insights space for over a decade. We are a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm delivering better client outcomes. Our expert teams are deeply invested in key sectors of the economy, delivering insights and analysis backed by superior quality data.