Maru/Matchbox Releases Global Connect

October 23, 2017

The first multi-market intelligence platform uniquely designed to support efficient global consumer insight programs that empower local and regional learning

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – (October 23, 2017) – Today, technology-accelerated consumer insights firm Maru/Matchbox announced the release of Global Connect the first global community-based intelligence platform designed for multinational clients who require fast and efficient multi-market consumer insights.

Global Connect leverages a centralized, hierarchical technology platform and an integrated toolkit of diverse quantitative, qualitative, mobile, and behavioral data collection techniques, supported by expert research and community management services. “Many of our global Consumer Package Goods (FMCG) clients are experiencing slowing growth in advanced economies, while at the same time adapting to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and emerging digital marketing & purchase channels. Global Connect provides a collaborative, personalized and predictive insight solution that allows them to quickly implement an array of diverse methodologies to drive deep consumer engagement and ongoing, iterative learning at both the local and global levels,” said Matt Kleinschmit, Managing Director, Consumer & Shopper Insights. “Global Connect has proven to be a transformative solution for clients seeking this type of speed, agility and efficiency – allowing them to continually leverage on-demand global and local insights to accelerate growth in both advanced markets as well as the emerging middle class.”

Global Connect supports both centralized global research & development and local market teams, making it possible to simultaneously centralize and decentralize research efforts, boost efficiencies and quickly transfer insights across markets. Its global nature allows insights teams to aggregate ad hoc research into one unified platform and data warehouse, facilitating powerful advanced data modeling, macro-trend analysis and predictive analytics. The solution is also quickly scalable to over 30 countries, allowing clients to add markets and regions as demand for insights grows.

Clients are using Global Connect to:

• Identify opportunities to accelerate growth;
• Better understand areas of risk;
• Stay at the forefront of change;
• Cross-pollinate learnings from different regions;
• Utilize global segmentations;
• Make better use of research dollars across multiple markets;
• Improve business planning.

“As Maru Group continues its plan to create a true 21st century technology-enabled insights advisory firm, we are excited about Global Connect because it allows our large multinational clients to quickly tap into emerging trends, explore new ideas and develop new products and services rooted in clear consumer insight,” said Maru Group C.E.O. Ged Parton.

Global Connect provides consumer closeness with speed, substance and scale around the world.

About Maru/Matchbox

Maru/Matchbox has been pushing the boundaries of the customer market insights space for over a decade. We are a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm focused entirely on better client outcomes. Our expert teams are deeply invested in key sectors of the economy, delivering insights and analysis backed by superior quality data.