Pet Care Pod: Outlining Three Key Trends Driving Pet Care

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Welcome to the first in a series of four episodes of our Mini Pet Care Podcast.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring three key trends defining consumers’ pet care decisions, based on our recent qualitative research with pet owners. Erica Ruyle, Sr. Vice President of Qualitative Insights at Maru/Matchbox, will talk me through some of her findings. We’ll have a lively discussion around pet care, pet trends and pet related purchase decisions for cat owners, dog owners, and parents of every animal in-between.

The goal is to provide companies in the pet care space with behavioral science insight into the current mindset of consumers, and point to some of the issues companies should consider as they try to reach and retain pet parents as customers.

Throughout the month of June, we’ll be covering three key trends:

  • The wide spectrum of education and understanding of pet nutrition and pet wellness across pet owners
  • Labeling fatigue
  • Splurging on our pets

Listen to our inaugural podcast episode below for an intro to Erica and her background in the pet space, as well as an overview of our approach and methodology. We’ll also introduce the three trends mentioned above, and then in each of the following episodes, we’ll dig into one trend in more detail and discuss the consumer stories we heard, as well as potential market implications.

Thanks for joining us as we unpack the current mindsets of pet owners and how to connect with them.

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