Develop deep relationships with today’s tech consumers for insights that matter now

Develop deep relationships with today’s tech consumers for insights that matter now

The landscape of technology is complex. From hardware to software and services, OEM to small business, enterprise to consumer, it pervades our lives and is ever-changing. It has introduced new, global communication channels and access to information, including to the remotest areas of the world. We manage our households and personal finances using technology. It facilitates our entertainment, travel and exploration, education and research—on screen and off. It helps us be more productive in more places than ever. While issues continue to arise around privacy, data security, misinformation, and dark web commerce, one thing is clear: knowing how to leverage technology is a competitive advantage for any company in any industry.

Whether your focus is understanding decision-makers in IT or at home, purchase pathways and consumer journeys, or innovation and co-creation processes, our unique combination of deep industry expertise, proprietary panel management, and tech-enabled tools sparks connections to inspire the right business actions. Our insight development is anchored in context, personal and professional, engaging people at the most crucial moments of their brand and product interaction, whether in person or online, and on their smartphones. We design custom learning programs to meet strategic challenges and use agile platforms to answer more tactical and iterative questions.

Commercial laptop portfolio evaluation

A technology client wanted to permit IT decision-makers (ITDM) and end users to evaluate laptop models planned for two years into the future so that the company could make necessary adjustments to ensure sales volume and customer satisfaction. The evaluation was detailed, including accurate weights, sizes, materials, colors, ports, and screens.

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Personalizing the gaming experience

A leading gaming client wanted to launch a new customizable controller for gamers, but needed help in optimizing the controller.

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The Battle for Trust and the Sharing Economy


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