Create more than a mission your stakeholders believe in, build a relationship they can trust

Create more than a mission your stakeholders believe in, build a relationship they can trust

The non-profit sector is in the midst of a digital transformation designed to attract the attention and dollars of the next generation of donors, members and stakeholders. Traditional appeals and outreach are no longer enough to break through the clutter. In today’s environment, organizations are competing not just for share of wallet and share of mind, but also for time and attention in an age where both are at a premium. At the same time, the sector is becoming increasingly competitive, with new organizations emerging with personalized, digital experiences that this generation demands.

Uncovering the implicit, emotional motivations that drive behavior is critical to success, not just for a specific campaign, but for the brand itself. Our agile solutions connect you to your current and target audiences by leveraging acquisition and retention strategies that fuel your campaigns, enrich your journeys and elevate your brand and vision for long-term growth.

Cancer in Canada

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is fighting the same uphill battle faced by other organizations within the charitable sector: growing cynicism and declining trust. In the face of this threat, CCS sought to better understand Canadians’ views on their brand, alone and within the sector.

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Canadians’ attitudes toward physical activity

ParticipACTION was looking to better understand how they are perceived by Canadians among their peer group, other health organizations, and not-for-profits. They also needed support with their campaign assessment tracking study. In 2018, we partnered with the organization to produce a flagship thought leadership piece: The Pulse Report.

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The Future of Giving: Are You Ready For The Millennials?


What People are Saying

We’ve worked with the Public Services team at Maru/Matchbox a number of times, and have been consistently impressed by the care they bring to the research process and the rigour of their data analysis. Their evidenced-based work has given us the insight and courage to make bold choices to keep pace with a fast changing world.

Beth Jost-Reimer
Director Marketing and Communications
Christian Blind Mission

We partnered with Maru/Matchbox to execute a public poll about cycling infrastructure in Toronto. The data gathered through Maru Voice Canada gave us the credibility we were looking for at City Hall. The Public Services Team was able to turn around the data quickly. We were happy with their research and consulting services.

Michelle German
Senior Manager, Policy and Partnerships

We worked with Maru/Matchbox to design and execute a Museum visitation study, successfully conducting in-depth interviews and a large scale quantitative survey on a compressed timeline. We were quite pleased with their insightful analysis and engaging presentation, and are now in the process of putting this work into action as we continue our positive trajectory as an organization.

Arlene Madell
Head, Marketing and Communications
Aga Khan Museum

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