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Go beyond ratings and gain valuable insights from your audiences

Go beyond ratings and gain valuable insights from your audiences

Media & Entertainment drives the cultural zeitgeist, from the impact of privacy and trust on consumers’ feelings about advertising to the growing impact of Influencers on consumer decisions. Platforms, brands and individuals are increasingly realizing their power as channels capable of drawing an audience and the vast amounts of opportunities for success—and failure.

As more and more entities flex their media muscle, understanding the forces at play in the Media & Entertainment environment is key to the creation of content, marketing and advertising that works. We tackle the questions and connections that matter and we are ready to help your brand break through.

Audience value means more advertising dollars

A digital content creator client needed to demonstrate the value of its audience and platform for apparel brands. Using the client’s insight community, we talked with members to see how interested they were in new apparel trends, where they found inspiration for apparel purchases, and how they used the client’s platform for apparel decisions. To further contextualize their story, we also talked with a national sample of consumers who did not use the client’s platform.

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Strong promo leads to strong ratings

Respondents were divided into demographically identical cells for exposure to one of two creative executions. After providing a diagnostic evaluation of the assigned promo, each respondent was exposed to both promos and asked which they preferred.

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Maru/Matchbox has been our research partner for over 6 years, providing Verizon Media with insights that directly impact and improve our products. Maru/Matchbox manages our proprietary panels, maintaining the platform and ensuring our panel participants are engaged with our research. In addition, Maru/Matchbox provides full research services and is an expert in quantitative methodologies, analysis, and reporting. Lastly, the Maru/Matchbox team is a delight to work with and is always responsive and helpful.

Kat O'Neill
Associate Manager
Consumer Insights
Verizon Media Group

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