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We recognize the unique challenges of marketing products and services in dynamic life sciences markets that are being impacted by personalized medicine, electronic health records, deep learning and other AI technologies. The personalization of medicine, in particular, is a major paradigm shift and is poised to revolutionize healthcare. This has resulted in patients being a more central focus for everyone involved in the delivery of healthcare—physicians, payers, and marketers—hence, the increasing importance of patient centricity.

At Maru/Matchbox, our life sciences and healthcare team is a group of senior consultants who have an unyielding drive to unearth and deliver healthcare business insights capturing the impact of these macro-level changes on the development, marketing, and delivery of healthcare-related products and services. To do this, we listen.  We leverage a toolkit of innovative methodologies and approaches for finding the right individuals, asking the right questions, and carefully listening to what they tell us. By collecting and analyzing data in this way from all healthcare stakeholders and combining it with a deep understanding of healthcare and the ability to tell a compelling story, we generate insights that empower our clients to react to and anticipate market changes and to make sound marketing decisions.

Maru/Matchbox investigates patient flow, segmentation & claims optimization research for a clinical trial

A healthcare client was testing a new diabetes treatment in early clinical trials. Though the primary indication was in type 2, research was needed to determine whether or not to pursue an indication in the type 1 space. There was also a need to understand the most viable patient segments for the product, as well as to anticipate what market uptake would be when launched.

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Modeling oncology product preference share

A healthcare client was testing a new oncology product combination therapy in clinical trials and needed to understand expected uptake under various market competitor and clinical trial outcome scenarios and among various patient types.

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Optimizing blood glucose app user experiences

A healthcare client developed an app allowing patients to connect to and track their blood glucose readings and relevant health behaviors. The client needed a means of monitoring patient experiences with the new app, as well as periodically testing new features and functions.

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Understanding schizophrenia caregiver experiences & unmet needs

A healthcare client was developing a new delivery format for a schizophrenia medication and wanted to understand the reactions of schizophrenia caregivers to the medication prior to the rollout of the new format.

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Do No Harm: Machine Learning Models as a Decision-Making Tool in Healthcare

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The Maru/Matchbox healthcare market research team embodies the spirit of partnership. Their accountability, professionalism, responsiveness, and flexibility ensured the success of an important recent patient research initiative. I am very grateful to the team. Thank you!

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