Direct access to insights that impact business is what sets great agencies apart

Business success is most often about knowing what others don’t. That is why great organizations are always on the hunt for talented partners who can help them see what others have missed. Working together, we will uncover critical insights that help your client make the right decisions at the right time.

Maru/Matchbox Agency Communities

Innovation Lab

Optimize product names, test packaging, brand look-and-feel, messaging and the market potential for new products and services. The Innovation Lab community allows you to eliminate the gap between concept and market response - providing intimate listening opportunities with the audiences that matter most to you and your client.

Spotlight Pop-Up

Connect quickly with niche user groups to quickly dig into who’s doing what, how and why. Combine qualitative exploration, ideation, usage, habits and motivations to secure deep insights from the right people with the right questions. Allow your clients to engage, innovate and refine - easier and faster.

Cohort & Category

Gather key insights from a very targeted subset of individuals - from millennials, moms and hispanics, to healthy-eaters, tastemakers and niche segment consumers. Help your clients identify market white space, assess opportunities, test brand strategies, showcase new products and spot emerging trends.

Consumer Intelligence

Leverage an active community of dedicated customers and prospects who are engaged on a number of hyper-targeted categories, brands or segments. Generate fast, iterative insights – from path-to-purchase and brand image to consumption habits – with data from thousands of customers and prospects around the world.

Leverage research tools custom-made for agencies focused on client success

Market / Category Landscape

Dive deep into the market landscape to gain the competitive consumer and trend analysis you need to help your clients leverage market opportunities. Find out who is buying what, what consumers are doing, what they’re sharing and what the competition really looks like.

Smart Public Relations

Generate fresh, dynamic content, data and insights to help your clients tell compelling brand stories. Connect with thousands of consumers to generate memorable, timely and relevant content.

Campaign Impact

Test creative ideas and messaging, establish key performance indicators and determine how to generate the best campaign ROI. Use these insights to create a strategic marketing plan by identifying areas to fine-tune to achieve cost savings, reduce risk and optimize impact.

Brand Image & Equity

Deliver powerful insights into where the competition stands in the market, how your brand is performing and where opportunities lie. Draw a straight line between brand image, market position and business success.

In The Pursuit – A Survival Guide to Owning Insights


Customer Story: The making of a winning TV ad

An automotive collision repair and maintenance brand wanted to test a series of TV ad concepts to determine which was the most successful in driving consideration while best representing the brand. They also wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of four core marketing messages.

Our research identified one ad concept as the clear winner in terms of brand value, as well as its ability to shift opinion and consideration for the brand. One of the core message statements also emerged as an overwhelming favorite for brand resonance and its ability to drive attention.

The winning concept eventually made it to final creative and became the central element in a major marketing campaign executed by the agency and their client.