Powered by digital media, today’s content is served how the audience wants it – personalized, on-demand, whatever. In new ways that surprise and delight.

How can you be ready for what the market brings – and your customers demand? How can you show clients you’ve got what it takes to help them captivate their constituencies – now and through the next trend?

Agencies who win more deals come to the table equipped with incisive knowledge about what clients’ customers want. You need a constant stream of insights – across emerging trends – from tech (big data and IoT) to demographics (Gen Z) to commerce (the sharing economy). You need merging streams of social, analytics and primary data.

At Maru/Matchbox we understand from years of experience that attaining success today means simultaneously surmounting challenges on multiple fronts. We enable you to capture the insights you need to rivet your clients and their target audiences alike. Unifying deep sector expertise with cloud-based customer insights communities, Maru/Matchbox takes a results-focused, consultative approach to helping clients better understand what motivates their customers and influences their markets. So you can act decisively and win.