Foresight and Coca-Cola’s Pamela Chinn Mittoo: Global Connect in Action

Global Connect in Action

The faster you drive, the further down the road you need to look. Today, the speed of global business is accelerating at a startling rate, and racing alongside it is the need for informed rapid and agile decision making. That’s why insights are not enough any more, what’s needed is foresight.

One company leading the way in this approach is Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola’s Pamela Chinn Mittoo recently appeared at TMRE: The Market Research Event with me to deliver a talk entitled “Tests and triumphs of a global innovation community”. We discussed the challenges facing global CPG firms and how the Beverage Design Experience—a 7 region global community insights platform—is helping Coca-Cola look ahead and innovate. From ingredients to package structure to usage characteristics and emerging consumer trends, the Beverage Design Experience is helping to provide critical foresight for Coca-Cola’s future growth as a total beverage company. You can hear Pamela speak about how they are benefiting from this community in the below customer success story.

Beverage Design Experience is a Maru/ Matchbox Global Connect research platform that enables ongoing, real-time engagement with global consumers at unprecedented scale and intimacy. Global Connect supports both centralized global research & development and local market teams, making it possible to simultaneously centralize and decentralize research efforts, boost efficiencies and quickly transfer insights across markets. Its global nature allows insights teams to aggregate ad hoc research into one unified platform and data warehouse, facilitating powerful advanced data modeling, macro-trend analysis and predictive analytics. The solution is also quickly scalable to over 30 countries, allowing clients to add markets and regions as demand for insights grows.

This new type of fast, agile and scalable insight solution is critically important for multi-national Consumer Package Goods (FMCG) companies, many of whom are experiencing slowing growth in advanced economies, while at the same time adapting to rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and emerging digital marketing & purchase channels.  Global Connect provides a collaborative, personalized and predictive insight solution that allows them to quickly implement an array of diverse methodologies to drive deep consumer engagement and ongoing, iterative learning at both the local and global levels.

In other words, consumer-driven foresight.

Global Connect let’s you harness disruption to accelerate growth and humanize insight. To learn more about how you can gain foresight contact us.

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