Micro Moments - Shopper Insights


A global clothing & accessories retailer (with multiple sub-brands) client needed to understand consumer ‘micro-moments’—moments when someone starts thinking about apparel. They also wanted to deep dive into the follow-up processes of apparel research, outfit planning and shopping/browsing (either in-store or online).

A broad representation of cross-brand shoppers (across four major sub-brands) from the retailer’s exclusive community was recruited to help capture these shopping micro-moments as they happened. Rather than execute in-depth qualitative exercises with a small sample size, we were able to engage this large community with a survey containing journaling activities over five days. Video quotes and imagery were also captured to help bring the story to life.

The research identified five major micro-moments and the reactions each prompted. For each deep dive, we identified what shoppers do, where they go and needs fulfilled, informing the marketing strategies across sub-brands.

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