Cultural Framing & Emerging Trends


A global beverages client was looking for ways to launch a new ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverage in Latin America. However, there was insufficient knowledge about the role that coffee plays in the region. The client needed to understand the coffee landscape before committing to developing a new offer.

Given the need to uncover cultural values that affect consumer behavior, cultural framing was used to identify the symbolic and social meaning coffee has in Latin America. Cultural framing provided a unique framework to contextualize qualitative consumer research within broader historical and emerging trends in coffee consumption. Semiotic analysis of dominant and emergent cultural codes identified innovative and culturally resonant messaging and positioning territories for a new RTD product.

Cultural framing informed early stage product development strategies, with insights anchoring the client organization in real-world micro and macro contexts in which a new product would be envisioned, produced, and launched. Our approach paved the way for the global client team to launch a regional product that is grounded in the values, attitudes, and needs specific to the category in the culture; informed by emerging brand expressions; and based on a clear strategy of connecting with consumers in a culturally relevant way.

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