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The world’s first fully-flexible insights service model

Businesses rely on insight to grow by better connecting with prospects and customers. But to get a true picture of performance and customer needs, businesses must integrate feedback with all streams of customer data. Maru/HUB allows multiple data streams to be integrated into a single ecosystem, facilitating real-time analysis of behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information to deliver insights at speed.

Our modular platform – approach allows teams to constantly innovate, expanding research projects without impacting performance. It’s designed for all users – from researchers to marketers – so businesses can react to changing customer needs and make confident business decisions.
Already processing tens of millions of surveys per year, Maru/HUB is fully scalable and can effectively manage ad-hoc studies to global trackers.

Unlock the benefits of Maru/HUB

  • Instant access to data and results
  • Proprietary research best practices
  • Global, multi-language capabilities
  • Intelligent data integration
  • Flexible project management
  • Security and compliance
  • Best-in-class consumer panel infrastructure
  • Multi-touch point tracking capabilities
  • Survey authoring environment

The World’s First Fully-Flexible
Insights service model

Exclusive Research Thinking

Researchers and marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver timely, actionable insight in a cost-effective way. Maru/HUB offers a dynamic service model that’s flexible to your changing needs.

Clients of Maru/HUB can pick a service model that suits them on a project-by-project basis. We don’t limit access to our technology or our support. Instead, we offer you the power to choose, creating a solution that meets your business needs.

Research Types, Capabilities & Solutions

Maru/HUB technology, solutions and capabilities are rooted in proven proprietary best-practices. We’re researchers by nature and our investigations into respondent experiences and emotional decision-making shape our solutions and surveys. Our entire suite of capabilities and tools are designed to provide real-time access to insight and results. And our single ecosystem interprets behavioral, transactional and attitudinal data as one.

Through our expanding set of data tools, users can access a range of leading research options, tailored for key audiences, industries and business challenges. Built-in configuration and automation ensure surveys deliver the feedback you need to drive confident, informed business decisions. We offer a truly agile platform and partnership.

Security & Compliance

Maru/HUB is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and adheres to the highest level of data security and compliance. The platform is flexible and secure enough to manage and capture feedback from your own customer base, as well as wider samples and audiences.


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