5 (Mobile) Ways to Create Surveys Your Customers Will Love

On Valentine’s Day thoughts turn to love. When you love someone you are aware of their needs, are attentive to their differences and know that sometimes you’ll have to change your ways, just a little.

When we do research we need to show love to the people who answer our surveys. We must pay particular attention to the roughly three in ten who are answering our surveys on mobile devices- either on phones or tablets.

The experience of completing a survey on a phone or tablet is different than it is on a desktop computer. It is essential that we be conscious of those differences and adapt accordingly.

To help everyone understand the best ways to adapt to the reality of mobile, we identified 10 ways to show mobile love and below is the first five.

5 Ways to Create Surveys Your Mobile Customers Will Love

1. Craft your questionnaire to be concise. Avoid unnecessary clutter.

2. Always test your surveys on a mobile device. Nothing drives home a point better than looking at something from another person’s perspective.

3. Keep surveys 10 minutes or less. You can go a little longer, but you will see a larger drop-off among mobile respondents and the data quality will decline.

4. For single or multi-choice questions, split larger answer lists across multiple questions.

5. Avoid grids whenever possible. Mobile users won’t see a grid, so design with a mobile first mentality.

To learn more about how you can show some mobile love in your survey design, please read the remaining five best practices in our whitepaper, Mobile Best Practices.

Download the Mobile Best Practices Whitepaper

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