Deliver the Knockout Punch for New Business

The battle to win new business is a boxing match. You are duking it out for the prize, pulverizing your competitors and being pounded right back.

You’ve probably fought with your competition before. There’s even a good chance you have worked  with them before. They’re smart. They know you. Their left hook can be devastatingly creative.

The client sits passively ringside as a judge—looking for weakness and waiting for that series of ideas that delivers the one-two knockout blow.

To win, you need to use insights to uncover something your client doesn’t know, and prove your idea is not just brilliant, prove that it sells.

“Cassius hit Liston with a one-two combination; a jab followed by a straight right…Then he pulled the right back and there was a gash underneath the other eye….It was like the armor plate of a battleship being pierced.”

Know something they don’t

You’ve been training hard for this fight, but so have your competitors. You’ve got great market information, but they’ve been searching the same places too.

To make the clients sit up and take notice you’ve got to use the element of surprise: tell them something about their brand they don’t know.

It could be something as simple as a single question on an omnibus survey that tells you which brands in their market are “hot”, and which are “not”. Or it could be something as weighty as a thought leadership piece that declares that you are the shop that understands the big picture. Either way, giving them a new insight confirms that your ideas are grounded in a thoughtful grasp of their brand and their market.

Prove your idea is not just brilliant, prove that it sells

You have a great idea, and you know the client will be excited by it. But how do they know it will work? Especially if the idea is a departure from their current approach.

They have to sell it up the food chain, particularly if they want the weighty media buy you recommended. Something as simple as testing a message, and being able to prove it resonates with their target market goes a long way to reassuring the CFO. That just takes one question.

But showing that your idea will increase buying, quickens the pulse of even the most jaded CFO. And it need not be complicated. A simple Idea Filter test, will demonstrate the increase in sales. It’s a simple and inexpensive study you can run overnight.

Insights that deliver a powerful one, two knockout punch

As you prepare for your next pitch, think about how insights can help deliver the knockout punch. To learn more, download out whitepaper, Fueling the Pursuit: Using Insights to Win.

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