Consumer Empathy: Secret Sauce to More Success?

As competition intensifies and differentiation becomes more elusive, business leaders are seeking new ways to guide their organizations to growth and long-term success.  Empathy is a concept getting more attention in the academic and business world for its potential to improve leaders and organizational outcomes.

Professor Anthony Mayo of the Harvard Business School recently commented on a shift in the school’s leadership teachings.  Of empathy and its importance to leaders, Mayo said, “It takes a different skill set… how you give feedback, how you collaborate, how you make a cross-cultural team work cohesively…it’s important in teams, it’s important in design and it’s important for leadership and so that is one of our big focus areas.”

Separately, the Center for Creative Leadership has called empathy “a construct that is fundamental to leadership” for years, and in an article titled “Empathy: Why It’s Important To Cultivate At The Office” noted a study correlating highly empathic organizations with better growth, productivity, and earnings results.

As humans, we are graced with the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  Getting whole organizations to do so, to understand the power of doing so might be the key challenge for leaders today.  Scaling empathy and making it actionable just might unlock the means to lasting, resilient customer relationships and empower teams to better serve those consumers.  The question for each of us, then, is this:  how might we take concrete steps to leverage this superpower and deliver empathy-enabled success for our organizations?

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