Consumer Co-Creation: Self-Guided Upsell


Who knows better than consumers what they most value?  This simple premise is driving innovation across industries.

McDonald’s, for example, is using Create Your Taste® to empower consumers and generate greater value in its Australian restaurants. Rather than asking “Want fries with that?”, the quick-serve restaurant chain is letting diners add everything from grilled pineapple to guacamole to create personalized items… Items they gladly pay more to purchase.

Snack makers, footwear makers, and more are pursuing similar efforts, in the hopes that catering to individual desires will unlock more profit, engagement, and loyalty than the one-size-fits-all approach of the past.  Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest was an early version of this trend, generating millions of entries each year and selling out limited edition flavors within hours of arrival in stores.

Co-creation thrives on technology, data analysis, and a human touch. And it’s an approach that benefits from iterations to evolve and improve offers.  Guacamole may be today’s preferred taste, but who knows that tomorrow’s will be?  Oh, yeah, the consumers do!  Time to get back to engaging them…

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