Connecting Emotional and Behavioral Measures to Deliver More Accurate Results


Every year, 8 out of 10 new product launches fail to meet their objectives, despite rigorous testing.

Too often, concept testing focuses too much on how consumers Think. Traditional concept tests fail to account for how people Feel and ignore completely the dominant role emotions play in how we Behave.

If brands are only measuring and predicting success based only on what consumers Think, they’re missing half of the behavior equation and can’t possibly make commercially confident decisions.

The importance of emotion in accurately predicting behavior

Now, more than ever, it’s important to capture the holistic consumer response to concepts, messaging and ideas. Those that don’t will continue to fail during this critical crossroads for businesses.

Maru/Matchbox operates at the intersection of behavior and emotion. Our approach is rooted in a wealth of behavioral science that consumers Feel, then Behave and lastly Think.

It’s why we’ve developed Concept Connections – a leading concept test design that allows businesses to capture emotional, behavioral and attitudinal metrics in one survey. These results will drive better, more informed decision making.

Concept Connections utilizes a range of integrated System 1 and System 2 proprietary tools to accurately measure emotional and behavioral response to stimuli, helping researchers and marketers to close the gap between what consumers say and what they actually do.

Our unique approach combines traditional attitudinal metrics that we know and rely upon, but adds layers onto this a connection between behavior and emotion to drive confident, commercially based decision making.

How to effectively measure behavior and emotion in one integrated approach

Our integrated System 1 tools allow us to uncover how consumers Feel by understanding how they implicitly and emotionally connect to concepts.

Respondents are asked to evaluate concepts, messages and attributes using an Implicit Association Test (IAT) before uncovering their emotional connections to stimuli, brand and category with our proprietary visual semiotics tool Brand Emotion.

Then, our choice-based trade design allows us to replicate the human decision-making process.

When faced with a choice, consumers will evaluate claims and messages to create an order of importance in their mind. By replicating this within a survey, we can capture key insights into how consumers behaviorally react to concept elements.

Finally, by utilizing scalar attitudinal tools, we can uncover how consumers perceive concepts and what they Think.

Results that drive commercial success

Our connected System 1 and System 2 approach enables us to holistically understand consumers by covering all aspects of their connected Feel, Behave, Think experiences to the concept.
With our unique Intersection Opportunity analysis, we’re able to place results directly at the intersection of behavior and emotion.

In one easy-to-understand analysis model, users can quickly uncover how concepts emotionally connect with consumers and how likely they are to drive positive purchase behavior and business growth.

Concept Connections is a unique concept test solution that seamlessly integrates System 1 and System 2 measurement to deliver commercial insights that drive confident decision making.

Download Concept Connection Fact Sheet

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