Capturing the Emotions Associated with Pain Management

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At Maru/Matchbox we pride ourselves in our culture of innovation.

One of our most recent innovations, Brand Emotion, is a methodology that leverages visual semiotics to uncover the emotions individuals associate with brands or different types of marketing communications/materials.

We demonstrated this in a recent webinar in which we shared research conducted with 800 chronic pain patients in the US. We leveraged Brand Emotion to push past standard verbal responses to more deeply understand the emotions chronic pain sufferers associate with a range of pain treatments including opioids, NSAIDs (Advil), and cannabis. We demonstrated how understanding deep, emotional associations and combining that insight with behavioral and attitudinal data can enhance our understanding of brands and can be utilized to more effectively position them to connect on a deeper level with their target audience.

In the case of chronic pain, the addition of this emotional layer created a much clearer picture of the category and highlighted an enormous opportunity for brands in this space.

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In this current environment in which conferences are being postponed and travel restricted, the opportunity for the industry, clients and agencies, to share expertise and learn together how behavioral science can grow brands and businesses is becoming more limited.

As a group of industry friends, we decided to do something in the face of this market challenge. We are collaborating to continue to bring the best, quality content, thought leadership and learning rooted in behavioral science to all stakeholders, wherever you are, during this unique moment.

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It won’t be a substitute for the camaraderie and networking we all enjoy when attending live events. We are hoping that this is temporary, and we will see you all in person very soon. But in the meantime, join us and let’s keep the conversation going!

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