Our research capabilities let you deeply connect with the people that matter most to your organization

Spark better connections

Our end-to-end service takes you on a journey from exploration to innovation to activation to tracking. From qualitative mobile missions, to sophisticated choice modeling, our solutions generate actionable insights. Maru/Matchbox's research capabilities are deeply rooted in our proprietary Maru/HUB platform, which powers our market research worldwide. HUB allows multiple data streams to be integrated into a single ecosystem, facilitating the real-time analysis of behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information to deliver insights at speed.


Our Explore solutions open the door to fresh thinking about new opportunities. Close readings of actions and context are the keys to exploration.

  • Whitespace Opportunities
  • Cultural Framing & Emerging Trends
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Customer Journey & Experience Mapping

Consumers expect brands to innovate, but finding innovative ideas is like panning for gold. The more insights you can quickly filter, the more nuggets you’ll find. That’s why our innovation tools are fast and efficient.

  • Creative Ideation Playground
  • Idea / Concept Evaluation
  • In-Context Product Testing
  • In-the-moment Product Launch Evaluation

Only the fittest survive in today's competitive marketplaces. Organizations and brands must continually evolve and optimize their offers to ensure they are connecting customers with the right offer at the right time.

  • Path-to-Purchase
  • Virtual Pack & Shelf Testing
  • Creative & Communications
  • Offer Optimization
  • Shopper Insights

Context is everything. To understand your business trajectory today, you need to understand where you are coming from. That’s where tracking and longitudinal research comes in.

  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Brand Tracking
  • Syndicated Offerings
  • Longitudinal Insight Community
AI, Machine Learning & System 1

Free from the biases of conscious rationalization and distracting ploys inherent in most research, our AI solutions offer our clients a chance to understand consumers at a deep, emotional level and predict their behavior more accurately than has previously been possible.

  • Implicit Association Test
  • Visual Semiotics
  • Text/Sentiment Analytics
  • Lissted Social Listening
  • Emotional Signatures
Advanced analytics

Advanced design and analysis can reveal patterns and relationships that would not otherwise be found. Our advanced analytics team works with you to find the right solution to reveal the insights you need.

  • Choice Based Models
  • Max Diff
  • Segmentation
  • Driver Analysis
  • TURF

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Women's Health Patient Segmentation

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Cultural Framing & Emerging Trends

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