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About Maru/Matchbox

Maru/Matchbox has been applying new technology to push the boundaries of the customer intelligence space for over a decade. Unifying deep sector expertise with cloud-based customer insights communities, we take a results-focused, consultative approach to helping clients better understand what motivates their customers and influences their markets. So you can act decisively and win. 

The Evolution of Maru/Matchbox

Our evolution began in 2000 when Vision Critical started using technology to revolutionize a staid industry, introducing cloud-based insight communities to spur innovation across research organizations. As the research arm of Vision Critical through April 2016, we shaped development of a best-in-class community software and implemented hundreds of insight communities (many that we still operate today).

As a Maru Group company, we continue to use and influence the Vision Critical Insight Community platform as Vision Critical’s largest value-added partner – while investing in our complementary value proposition as experts in making the most out of communities through sector-specific research consulting.

Illuminating the Future with Human Insights

We’re excited about moving forward helping organizations acquire deep customer insights – human understanding – in pursuit of breakthrough ideas. We’re augmenting the value of our insight communities with practiced sector-focused research teams and new offerings like our Qualitative Insights Group. All geared to support the spread of customer insights across client enterprises to help you achieve business results – now and beyond.

People are the core of Maru/Matchbox

“A deep seated belief that it takes people to understand people, and that technology enables us to scale and disseminate that understanding faster.”

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