5 Tips on Writing a Powerful Profiling Questionnaire

“Well begun is half done,” said Aristotle. It’s true for building communities too. When a new insight community is established, the first study is always the profiling questionnaire. It is the single most important study that will ever be done on the community for two key reasons:

  1. It’s the first encounter potential community members will have with your community. It will determine if they join or not, and if they decide to return and participate further.
  2. You are collecting foundational information about each panelist that you can use and reuse in each and every study. For example, if you want to use a respondent’s level of educational attainment in your analysis you can ask it once in the profiling questionnaire and then use it in the analysis of every subsequent study.

Because a profiling questionnaire is so critically important, we developed some best practices guidelines which we published as a whitepaper.

Here are a few qualities of a great profiling questionnaire.

Your profiling questionnaire should be:

1. Focused

Only collect key data that is required.

2. Short

Max 15 questions in total. Ideal is 10 questions – don’t put them off before they’ve joined!

3. Interesting

Would your PQ make you want to join this insight community?

4. Tone

What kind of culture does the client want to create? Always keep it conversational.

5. Motivating:

Include messaging about what they will get out of participating.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about how to write a great profiling questionnaire, download our whitepaper – Great Profiling Questionnaires Build Strong Communities: Tips on Writing a Powerful Profiling Questionnaire.

Download the whitepaper

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