4 Ways a Message Filter Solution Can Help You

Message Filter

Message testing is essential, but it is often time consuming and expensive. As a result, we decided to develop an ultra-efficient approach to testing claims and messages.

Here’s 4 ways in which Message Filter is an improvement over the old methods of message testing.

1. It’s efficient

We use yes/no questions, which are three times faster than scaled questions. We also have narrowed the questions down to seven distinct measures, which means you can test a message or claim in under a minute. This allows you to test more messages, cost effectively.

2. Analysis is simple, yet revealing

A simple summary measure helps you immediately identity which messages or claims should go forward and which should be recycled. For those messages with potential, a quick glance at the diagnostic measures reveals each message’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. It’s proven to be sensitive to small differences

Testing of four types of binary measures revealed a yes/no measure that was at least as sensitive as the typical five-point scale. That means you can be confident knowing which message or claim is most effective.

4. You can test any type of message or claim, including on-pack claims or messages with images

Mobile friendly and message agnostic, Message Filter can support any type of message, claim or simple communication. If you want to test ideas or advertisements, check out its sister solutions Idea Filter and Ad Filter.

Benefits of Message Filter

Message Filter is so efficient you:

1. Have the freedom to test a wider range of messages or claims earlier in the development process

Too often innovative ideas are tossed away in the boardroom before research, because testing takes time and can be expensive. Message Filter is fast and cost effective, making it easy to test a wider range of ideas. You can afford to identify the next blockbuster or make a data driven decision about what has niche appeal with Message Filter.

Message Filter gives you permission to run any message or claim past your customers and prospects. This increases the odds of finding a message that will make a difference.

2. Can create your own benchmarks by testing messages or claims you know worked (or failed) in the past

Since it takes less than a minute to test a message, it becomes very simple to include relevant benchmarks in your tests. Message Filter makes it easy to make your current message or claim in the test, giving you the most pertinent benchmark or norm possible.

3. Turn results around overnight

Message Filtering is so simple it can be fielded instantly, either on a Market Community omnibus or on an Insight Community. Results can be turned around overnight, with instant insights. Why wonder, when you can be certain in time for the next meeting?

For proof of why Message Filter works read our blog post, Message Filter: Evidence of a Sensitive and Easy to Answer Approach to Message and Claims Testing.

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