Year In Review And Look Ahead

Happy new year!

2017 was a momentous year for Maru/Matchbox. When we launched our brand, we set out to transform the very definition of what consumer insights can deliver for you, our clients.

Our innovation is focused on bringing deeper, faster and ongoing access to your customers and stakeholders than ever before. With every engagement, our aim is to deliver greater context – about your audience, your competition, evolving trends and behaviors – in a way that empowers better decisions and helps empower change within your organization.

We would like to say thank you for your support and to share an update about the great progress that we have made. This past year we:

Launched Global Connect, a multi-market community platform designed for global consumer insight programs.

Having global consistency and local flexibility has been a difficult balance in research, until now. Global Connect is the first global community-based intelligence platform designed for clients who require fast and efficient multi-market consumer insights. Now available in over 30 countries, Global Connect leverages a centralized, hierarchical technology platform and an integrated toolkit of diverse quantitative, qualitative, mobile, and behavioral data collection techniques. It is supported by expert research and community management services, to drive deep consumer engagement and ongoing, iterative learning at both the local and global levels. Watch this short video about how Coca-Cola is using Global Connect to drive global beverage innovation.

Developed the Innovation Forum, a community of tech enthusiasts who help inform innovation trends across sectors.

In our present day, the need for innovation is relentless across all sectors: technology; media; financial services and consumer packaged goods. That’s why we developed the Innovation Forum, a proprietary and vibrant community of informed technophiles. This platform is a sandbox for our clients across all sectors for discovering unmet needs, ideating and co-creating solutions of tomorrow. The Innovation Forum is also an ideal venue for our clients to test-drive a premium insight community dedicated to innovation.

Constructed MoneyScreen, the most extensive monitor and predictor of innovation in financial services.

Innovation in the financial services industry is reaching a critical inflection point. MoneyScreen benchmarks, tracks and informs innovation across all aspects of the industry. Already we have tested over 250 emerging and potential offers in the payments, wealth management and insurance space with over 50,000 consumers across North America, revealing which products and product ideas will steal share and emerge as leaders, and why. In a time when it is disrupt or be disrupted, MoneyScreen is the essential and only guide to innovation.

Launched MiTelemundo™ Hispanic Community, the most robust insight community of Hispanics in U.S.

The fast-growing Hispanic community in America is complex and diverse. In 2017, we teamed up with NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises to jointly develop a Spanish language insight community, MiTelemundo™. The largest of its kind, it spans the full spectrum of U.S. Hispanics. Deeply profiled, we can screen based on dozens of items including acculturation level, country of origin, region of residence and income. By marrying Telemundo’s online insight community of Spanish-dominant Hispanics with Maru/Matchbox’s own Springboard America panel of English-dominant Hispanics, we created the most robust Hispanic insight community in the U.S., with more than 20,000+ members. For the first time ever, the advertising, marketing and research community now have access to this diverse and vitally important consumer population in one place.

Developed Connection Compass, a platform that helps charities increase their donor base.

Charities are caught between a declining donor base and increasing need. That’s why we designed Connection Compass, a syndicated monitor that reveals where charities are, and where they need to go to build stronger connections with donors and prospects. It covers all the major charities across North America, revealing where each organization stands relative to its competitors and the best in class. Connection Compass is powered by our proprietary approach for measuring how emotionally connected donors and prospects are to your charity and your competitors—a measure that is the most powerful driver of donating. It is a new way of thinking about donor acquisition and an indispensable tool for charities.

Testing Direct Mail CampaignsDeveloped an interactive platform for improving direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Breaking through today’s communication clutter is a challenge. Our re-designed Mailbox tool and newly released Inbox platform, are the only tools in the market to simulate real-world consumer interaction with direct mail and email campaigns. With this platform you can: evaluate few or many campaigns against competitive benchmarks; identify winning subject lines for email and winning envelopes for direct mail; uncover the most effective value proposition, messaging and creative with confidence. With this platform you can finally leave the guesswork out of your campaign, improve your ROI and minimize risk that so often exists in wayward and poorly tested communication.

respondentsExpanded our Customer Experience (CX) tracking division.

Finding and retaining customers has never been more challenging. Our growing CX-dedicated team helps solidify relationships through engaging research programs that answer your most urgent questions about customer and employee attitudes, behaviors and intended loyalty. Our multi-disciplinary team and proprietary best-in-class technology deliver access to real-time results, predictive analytics and strategic insights. These empower clients to improve experiences and drive positive business outcomes, throughout key moments of a customer’s journeys.

Generated dynamic thought leadership.

We were privileged in 2017 to share the stage with industry leading clients like Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Conagra and others at events like Omnishopper, CRC and The Market Research Event. And we published over 70 articles and almost 30 whitepapers covering everything from methodology to trends in medicine, media, advertising, retail, technology, public affairs, consumer goods and financial services. To have our thought leadership delivered to your inbox every week, sign up here.

Onward in 2018!

This new year promises to be even more exciting, with more innovation and releases. We are excited about working together with you in 2018 to generate the foresight that delivers better outcomes for your business. Please do not hesitate to contact your Maru/Matchbox account manager if you would like to learn more about any of the exciting initiatives mentioned here.

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